The Countdown to 30

Another birthday just flew by. Geordie and I spent our birthday weekend (our birthdays are 5 days apart) in Las Vegas, which also happened to include Halloween. Now I’m a sucker for Las Vegas. In my younger, more judgmental days I used to scoff at the idea of Las Vegas. I though only trashy brides-to-be and their skanky bridal parties and seniors who liked buffets and RVing made trips to Vegas. I can now say with 100% confidence that now, after my 6th (and certainly not my last) trip to Sin City that this is completely inaccurate.I like Vegas because I can dress up, I can dress down, I can have a full face of makeup at 10 in the morning while drinking a bottle of wine from the Walgreens and no one bats an eyelash. It’s truly a magical place. Also because it was Halloween, it meant we were able to partake in the craziness that is the Strip on October 31st.


Doesn’t get bloodier than Evil Dead the Musical on Halloween night.

It’s also the place where I can indulge my inner shopaholic with zero amount of guilt. Those outlet malls are deadly.

Hellooooo Kate Spade.

Hellooooo Kate Spade.

Turning 29 has me counting down the days until I turn 30. I’m honestly not as worried about turning 30 as I had anticipated. I think it has just strengthened my resolve to take care of myself and enjoy life more than I have in the past. This year has been a whirlwind. Between moving to a new city, taking on a new role at work, and traveling non-stop for said new role, most of the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I rarely take the time to stop and enjoy my surroundings. This upcoming year will prove to be even more busy and hectic than 2015. I’ll be getting married, taking on even more of a responsibility at work and planning for a future that involves a new little human. I need to get better at taking a minute to breathe, at making time to take care of my body. One cannot live off of caffeine alone… or so I’ve been told.

On the Wedding front things have been slow going. Venue is booked, wedding dress has been found, fallen in love with and purchased, save the date cards have been mailed, and bridal party has been chosen and they have all graciously accepted. Things are rolling along but at a slow pace.

As far as VSG & weight loss, I’m starting a new fitness routine, a girl I know now owns a franchise of 30 Minute HIT and I constantly see her posts and workout videos, I’ve been inspired and am joining the club here in town. First class is on Friday (since I’m spending the better part of this week traveling up North) and I’m so stoked. I’ve had lots of fun in kickboxing classes in the past, and this seems to follow closely with the high intensity, mildly violent kind of workout that I thoroughly enjoy. Plus I’m looking at it as a good way to handle some of the pent of aggression I deal with.

Since vacation I’ve been back of the high protein (almost) no carb bandwagon. I know by now that when I don’t adhere to this my body suffers. But getting back into the habit of no sugar always goes hand in hand with the ridiculous cravings for sweets. But I have found the best alternative to the peppermint mocha frap that I’ve been craving. Behold the microwaved, smooshed, quest peanut butter supreme bar with homemade coronation grape jam. No lie, it looks like garbage but it tastes like a PBJ sandwich. Minus the sugar coma. There is sugar from the jam, but I made it so I know what’s in it.

Looks like crap, tastes like heaven.

Looks like crap, tastes like heaven.

I promise to be a good girl and update before Christmas.

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