About Lisa

I’m a 27 year old small city girl who left home for the BIG city. Living in Vancouver BC, I’m chronicling my journey towards physical and mental wholeness. To learn more please click here.

Add me on Myfitnesspal: rockpaperthinner

Please send any comments or questions to rockpaperthinner@gmail.com

One thought on “About Lisa

  1. Hi Lisa!

    I seen your most recent post. Talking about how you always prepare yourself for bad things to happen so you aren’t let down when they do.

    All I would like to say is, check out my blog. I used to be the same way – thinking of the worst thing to happen, so when it does, I’m not shocked – I’ve changed the way I think. And believe it or not, it’s working out for the best. It’s all about positivity. Take a peek at my blog, I’m just starting out, but I think you might like it!

    Have a fabulous day!

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