The Supreme Zen of an Empty Gym

So I had a rough three weeks. Three weeks that involved eating lots of sugar, skipping out on kickboxing and generally indulging myself to the point where I felt icky. Icky because I felt like I got way too comfortable. But I’ve managed to get back on the wagon. The Fitbit is back on, every exercise and morsel of food is being logged in my fitness pal, and I’m back to working out regularly.

I also came to a very surprise realization. I don’t hate running or the treadmill. Continue reading

The Countdown to 30

Another birthday just flew by. Geordie and I spent our birthday weekend (our birthdays are 5 days apart) in Las Vegas, which also happened to include Halloween. Now I’m a sucker for Las Vegas. In my younger, more judgmental days I used to scoff at the idea of Las Vegas. I though only trashy brides-to-be and their skanky bridal parties and seniors who liked buffets and RVing made trips to Vegas. I can now say with 100% confidence that now, after my 6th (and certainly not my last) trip to Sin City that this is completely inaccurate. Continue reading

Finding My Footing

For the first time in my adult life I feel disorganized.

I’m a girl who likes lists. I use my day planner on the regular, I make lists of books I want to read, places I want to go, makeup I want to buy. I like to prioritize. But these past few months I feel like I’m constantly chasing after my life. It’s running away and I’m just trying to keep up with it.

My new position is challenging, but in the best way possible. Being in charge of an entire district that is spaced out over such a large area has been hard to manage. I’m finding that I’m spending most of my week in the car, in the air and in hotels. But I know I need to be grateful. I was bored in my last position, and if it wasn’t for this promotion I’d be sitting in my office twiddling my thumbs. My first week managing the district I came home on the Friday and I broke down. I was mean and nasty to Geordie and I felt like I was not going to get the hang of things. But I’m the consummate overreactor, and things are starting to make sense. I just need to find the time to write things down, set the bar realistically, and open my eyes to see the results I’m getting instead of just feeling overwhelmed.

Kelowna is a lovely city and the transition to living here has been easier than I had anticipated. Our new condo is beautiful, and it’s so mind blowing to have all of this space and be paying less than what we were paying in Vancouver. I finally feel settled and can spend the time sprucing the place up knowing that we’ll be here for the foreseeable future. People are nice here, it’s almost like being back in Winnipeg, except the scenery is better. It’s a smaller city, big enough that it has a Sephora, but small enough that people still have manners. It feels comfortable.

I’m also getting back to basics with my food and exercise, but that’s a post for another day.

Finally, I have to rave about a product. Being the beauty product whore that I am, I’m always looking for something to make me feel better about my poor, unbalanced skin. And then this came into my life.


This mask has saved my life over the past two weeks. My skin has been looking tired, dull and uneven. I’ve used this twice over the past couple of weeks and I can honestly say it is the best mask I have ever used from Lush (or anywhere else for that matter). It’s gritty texture makes for a great exfoliant when you’re washing it off, and it gets slightly warm, which always tricks me into feeling like its working better! And in comparison to most lush products this is not that expensive at all. My new fave.


I had planed to write a big long schpeel about being one year post op. And then I was clicking through the VSG vlogs that I enjoy watching and I saw LessOfSarah’s latest video. Dr. Aceves, who performed countless┬ábariatric surgeries including my own passed away. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel absolutely gutted. I’ve heard before that people can have a certain “messiah complex” when it comes to their surgeons. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I saw Dr. Aceves as my savior, but I did and still do credit him as the man who gave me the tools to take back control over my life. Continue reading

Fresh to Death

I’ve always been the eternal pessimist. I’ve always lived life expecting the worst so that when things don’t go my way I’m never disappointed. For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful for the future, and it’s simultaneously refreshing and terrifying.

I’ve met someone new. His name is Geordie and he’s phenomenal. We have so many similarities, it’s uncanny, and every moment I spend with him, whether it’s quoting SNL episodes or just sitting in content silence is perfect. I’ve got this huge fear of liking him too much. I’m always afraid of wanting something too much, but this time I feel the my inner optimist wanting to break free. I like everything about him, and I like where this whole thing is going.

Aside from that I’m moving to a new place on the ever so trendy Commercial Drive. My rent is more than double, but it’s walking distance to work, closer to the new man friend, closer to where the action is, and has a one in a million view of the mountains. I love Vancouver, and I’m so happy that the strange and weird road I’ve been on the past few years has led me to this city. The cost of living there is going to be completely worth the change in quality of life.



Remember back in the early 2000’s when livejournal was still a thing, and msn messenger usage was rampant? Is my age showing by admitting that these kinds of things were everything to me when I was younger? Along with these terrible online outlets for teen angst, there was also the ubiquitous “survey”. Where you would answer random questions about yourself, 0r give a certain number of facts about yourself and then your friends would do the same. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for that so I decided to do a 27 facts about me, since you know… I’m an old 27 year old hag. Continue reading