Fever, I’m a slave to.

I’m sick as a fucking dog.

So what does a girl do when she’s feeling sick? She bakes protein bars while dancing around her new kitchen to Fever by The Black Keys. It’s got that hip shaking, down and dirty rock vibe I’ve been missing in my life. I’ve been awol in recent days. Between moving into my new place, and the new man in my life I’ve barely had a moment to breathe. Geordie is fantastic. Things with him have been progressing so easily and so naturally that I’m kind of a bit scared. Usually the men I involve myself with have so many strings attached and skeletons that come out of their proverbial closets that I find myself stressed and on guard. But with Geordie things have been so completely different. We’ve been so upfront about ourselves since the get go that there have been no surprises. I’m head over heels and I never thought I would say that with such conviction.

I’m loving living on The Drive. So many cafes, shops and restaurants. Not to mention that it’s only a 20 minute walk from work, which I have been taking advantage of because my broke ass hates shelling out cash for bus fare. Did I mention I gave up my car? Because I did, and it’s the most hippie thing I’ve ever done but I don’t regret it for a second. I feel so much more connected to my new hood by traveling it by foot. I notice news things every day when I’m walking, like a store called Licorice Parlour that sells 60 varieties of Licorice. I love this city.

In wls news, the eternal struggle of  “not enough protein” continues. Especially with being sick, I’m finding that it’s super hard to get protein in if I’m not drinking shakes perpetually. But for now it will have to do. I’m on a quest to make some sort of chocolate-coconut protein concoction with Syntrax Chocolate Truffle. Also I’m hitting up Vegas again in a few weeks with a few girlfriends who are nothing but bad news, and I’m sooooo stoked.

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