The Biggest Loser, Hotel Edition.

As I’ve mentioned, for the next two months I’m traveling for work and living out of a suitcase in Fort St. John. Initially I was discouraged during my first trip here right before Christmas, but after some time off and making some real headway at work I’m super pumped about being here. I’ve decided to take these two months and use them to my full advantage, making my primary focus (aside from work) exercise and fitness. Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

I never used to like Spring. It was my least favorite season… but things have changed.

Suddenly spring means growth, change and rebirth.

My name is Lisa, I’m 26. I’m smart, funny, entertaining, well traveled, and fat. I’m also immensely unhealthy. I suffer from insulin resistance, poly-cycstic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS), and hypothyroidism. I’m over 300 pounds. I stopped getting on a scale after 300. I have diabetes and hypertension in my family history, and I carry a majority of my weight in my midsection.

In other words, I’m a medical disaster waiting to happen. I’ve lived my entire adult life and a large part of my childhood overweight. I’ve decided that this is not a life I’m willing to live anymore and have committed to having weight loss surgery. On June 4th I will be having a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, known as VSG. The next month and a half will be dedicated to preparing myself for the surgery.

So what should you know about me if you’re going to follow me on this journey?

  • I was born in Winnipeg but I currently reside in the Vancouver area
  • I am an ethnic mutt, Filipinio, Spanish, English and Scottish blood runs through my veins
  • I have a black belt in tae kwon do
  • I have a bad case of wanderlust and travel as much as life (and finances) allow
  • I am recently single
  • Crude, rude and tattooed
  • I’m a lover of history (it was my minor in university), especially anything and everything related to WWII
  • I collect stationary and I love sending and receiving snail mail
  • Make-up and hair products are my obession

So if you can stomach a bit attitude and a lot of ups and downs please follow me on this journey. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.