The Biggest Loser, Hotel Edition.

As I’ve mentioned, for the next two months I’m traveling for work and living out of a suitcase in Fort St. John. Initially I was discouraged during my first trip here right before Christmas, but after some time off and making some real headway at work I’m super pumped about being here. I’ve decided to take these two months and use them to my full advantage, making my primary focus (aside from work) exercise and fitness.

I’m no stranger to the gym. I’ve joined countless gyms and had solid months of intense working out, but only losing 10 lbs here and 15 lbs there. Nothing ever stuck pre-VSG, and that’s mostly because no matter how hard I worked out my PCOS and insulin resistance both worked against me. Now that they’re under control and I’ve had over 100 lbs of weight loss I’m more optimistic about becoming fit.

I’m treating this like my own version of “The Biggest Loser”. Just for the record I hate that show. I think that it’s exploitative and sets people up for failure. Most people have trouble justifying the expense of a gym membership or high quality fitness equipment to work with. I know that in my normal life back in Vancouver I don’t always have the time (I know it’s not an excuse) to work out, between having a job and having a social life it’s hard to make exercise a priority. Shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” provide people with the ideal setting to focus on their fitness. They have access to state of the art equipment and are removed for a period from their day-to-day lives so that weight loss becomes their #1 focus.

Due to being stuck out here for two months I suddenly have access to the hotel fitness facility. It’s small but each piece of equipment is state of the art and get this, no one uses it. Ever. I’ve yet to see a single person working out. Knowing in advance that I would have access to the gym every day, and that I wouldn’t have to wait to use a machine had me pumped to get my fitness on.

This is my game face (also how I keep men at bay).

This is my game face (also how I keep men at bay).

Aside from working my ass off I made sure to come prepared with enough protein powder. I can always tell when I’m not taking in enough protein because my weight loss will stall. I didn’t want that to even be an option so I stocked up on my favorite protein, , I’ve got an entire drawer full of it.



The only part of my genius plan I didn’t think out? I don’t have a scale.

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