Stalling Out, GOD DAMN.

I’ve been here in the bumfuck nowhere town of Fort St. John for 3 weeks now. In these three weeks I have lost weight, made new friends, eaten horribly, stalled out, and gotten back on track.

Week one was fantastic. I worked out daily, didn’t have the stress that I have now, and generally had an easy time of things. I prepared myself well, brought protein powder and all of my vitamins. I was eating at regular times, making sure I had options and stocked my mini fridge at the hotel with nothing but the best.

Then work started to get intense. I was working 14 hour days, 13 days in a row. I made bad food choices based on my socializing with new people. Food and friends go hand in hand. The gym here at the hotel doesn’t have a scale, so I was just winging it. Then the guilt started to set in. I knew I was ordering all of the wrong things from room service, and I was hitting up the sushi place down the street far too often. My carb intake was out of control, and I wasn’t sleeping well either. So I decided to go to Canadian Tire and invest in a scale to keep in my hotel room. Surprise, surprise I was at exactly the weight I was at when I left Vancouver. I knew that I would have lost during the first week, which means that the two subsequent weeks of poor eating had caught up with me.

So about Tuesday of this week I decided to get myself back on track. Carbs, gone. Late night noshing but a distant memory. I’ve also decided that to add more accountability I’m going to open up my food diary on myfitnesspal. Reason being that if I know that everyone will see what I’m eating, I’ll be shamed into eating healthfully. Since getting myself back on track I’ve managed to lose 2 lbs in a matter of a few days. My body feels better and my sleeping has been much, much better.

43 more days until I get to go home and can cook for myself.

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